Low Water Pressure In Midrand

Low Water Pressure in Midrand? Low water pressure can be caused by a wide range of things including water leaks and blocked water pipes due to corrosion over time. It can also be a blockage caused by a buildup of minerals like iron and calcium inside the pipes. It may even be our main Johannesburg water supplier where there is an issue on their side with their own in-house problems, but that is and always will be ruled out as the last option. If you're experiencing low water pressure, the first best thing to do is to check if the low water pressure is affecting both your hot and cold water taps around your household, and if that's the case then it may simply be a buildup of deposits, and can easily be fixed. If you are experiencing low water pressure, give Plumber 24 Hour Plumbers a call right away on 082 550 3306. We'll have your water pressure problem fixed in no time!